On this site you will learn about herbs, minerals and vitamins to correct nutritional deficiencies associated with diabetes which can improve or even reverse your diabetes altogether. Also you will find all sorts of information pertinent to diabetes management including healthy eating, meal planning, exercise, and products that support a healthy lifestyle. Having a diagnosis of diabetes is not a "death sentence" but rather an opportunity to start living in a new and better way.

With the information you will find on this site, a willingness to improve your lifestyle, and a little work, you can experience a healthy new way of life!

My New Best Friend - MSM

I have struggled with acne most of my adult life. I didn't have it as a teen but started having trouble with it in my early 20s. I've tried everything just about and had almost given up. I am 48 years old! I should NOT be having this problem! Ugh! Well, I also have had thinning hair over pretty much most of the same time period, beginning in my mid 20s. I had read about MSM as a possible treatment for hair loss and acne, but didn't realize it also was a liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, and was a component of the hormone insulin. That's when I realized I needed to give MSM a try, and boy have I been pleasantly surprised! It has cleared up my acne and made my skin much smoother and softer, too. My hair has even started growing in thicker! With my supplement regimen that controls my blood sugars I am not sure how much it helps my diabetes, but having clear skin and thicker hair makes MSM my new favorite supplement! Though there can be many reasons and causes for acne and/or hair loss, sometimes the cause can be related to inflammation. This is what I believe must be the underlying cause for my problems, and who knows? It might help you as well. (See the page on MSM for more information.)

There is even a formula you can use to make your own topical MSM preparations by dissolving the MSM crystals (it's a mineral) and adding it to you favorite lotion or shampoo. A 15% solution is recommended. MSM is nonallergenic and has a toxicity rating similar to water. You can buy MSM creams and lotions, etc., but they tend to be expensive, and it is easy to make your own. Here it the recipe:

To make a cream or lotion, choose a thick cream or gel, as you will be dissolving the MSM in a little water first, so using a thick gel or cream to start with is best. If you don't first dissolve the MSM before you add it to the cream, it will be gritty and won't give you the benefits you want. Start by putting about 100 mL (5 mL is equal to a teaspoon and 15 mL is a tablespoon, so 100 mL equal 20 teaspoons or almost 7 tablespoons) of cream or lotion in a small bowl or container. Place 15 grams of MSM (equals about 3 rounded teaspoons by weight of MSM) in a different cup. Add about 2 tablespoons of boiling water. (MSM is a mineral, and not a vitamin, so it will not be affected or changed in any way by heat even at very high temperatures.) Microwave the cup covered for about 10 seconds. Check to make sure that all of the MSM has dissolved. If not, repeat for another 10 seconds. When the MSM is fully dissolved, slowly add it to the cream and stir well. Now you have your own MSM cream! Add more water and you will have a lotion.

New pumpkin pie recipe!

Check out the new pumpkin pie recipe I added to the recipes page! This is my mother's recipe I've had all my life. It's an easy recipe to convert using Truvia in place of the sugar. Yum! Enjoy!

Getting things done!

I've got most of the pictures and most of the content loaded. I just have a little more editing to do this week. Yay!

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